Linda began her photography career in front of the lens.  As a model she met some of LA’s best photographers…she also met some of the worst – and was inspired by both.  “The great ones gave me something to aspire to…the lousy ones taught me what not to do.”
Growing up in the Fiji Islands the idea of pursuing art as a career seemed like a childish fantasy.  But after moving to LA, Linda found a community of artists passionately living their dreams – suddenly she began to see photography as a very real career.
Linda is inspired by artists who are willing to bring every part of themselves to their creative process, even when it’s uncomfortable.   During a recent trip abroad she had to spend a lot of time alone, away from her comfort zone.  The constantly changing environment forced her to start thinking and shooting for herself.  The disconnection from everything familiar created a stronger connection with herself – and her voice as an artist.
Everyone sees things differently, in life and in art.  Linda uses her lens to show the world how SHE sees life…and how she’d like YOU to see it through her lens.
Linda is currently available for freelance, commissioned work or collaborations.

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